Aaras Creations

Aaras Creations is a joint venture by two girls, Aditi and Sejal in Mumbai, India. Their products are hand painted traditional indian decorative products like Kundan Rangoli, Diya Painting, Mahiraps (Borders for dinner table), Envelops and Pots etc.
Their idea behind initiating AARAS Creations is to to bring a contemporary look in traditional handicrafts and make each occasion very special. These unique products can enhance home decoration on all auspicious occasions like cultural festivals, weddings, engagements and any traditional Indian events.
Design a logo and simple low budget packaging solution which will appeal to audience of modern indian society.
To create a logo which depicts traditional handicrafts and appeals to contemporary indian community as a respectful brand. As client did not had budget for fancy expensive packaging, they wanted a very low budget packaging solution which will complement their unique products. Also they found many customers were buying it as a gift accessory so packaging should have a gift accessory feel to it.
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