The FRIO Collection is a collection of 3 perfumes inspired by FRIO River in Texas, USA. It is created and distributed by Project Fragrance in collaboration with Texarome Inc.  

The Texas Hill Country contains a Texas Cedar forest of 18 million acres that provides a key ingredient for perfumers, known as Texas Cedarwood oil. This collaboration illustrates how nature can inspire the art of fragrance in a way that is uniquely sustainable due to its distillation process, preservation of local ecosystems, and commitment to renewable energy.

The Hill Country’s Frio Canyon, with its crystal-clear Frío River, rolling hills, and blue skies, invokes memory and emotion that provides an escape to a sensory universe unlike any other.

The fragrances in the Frío Collection are not tailored to a specific group of people but rather meant to appeal and be accessible to all people, Texans and non-Texans alike.
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