J L Morisons Baby Dreams | Packaging Design
The brief was to revamp the Logo and Packaging Design to make brand alive keeping in mind research of the sales team, government policies, material restrictions for packaging, factory visits, coordination with various printing-production companies. We started the process with an in-depth research of the categories and the markets. We also held sessions with the sales teams and key stakeholders to understand the brand and its proposition. We developed two mascots, Luv (Love) and Khushi (Happiness) to communicate and carry across the messaging across all platforms, which helped to leverage the brand equity. The logo was redesigned with a lot more vibrant and a lot higher shelf throw as compared to the older one. Tackling the need for a tagline, we thought of the concept of ‘Smart Love’, which emphasizes that a parent’s love is not only about emotions but also about making the right and smart choice for the child. This idea of Smart Love is clearly brought out with the tagline ‘The Smart Mom’s Choice’. The packaging of each product formed a platform to communicate and educate the user about the product and its value proposition along with the dos and don'ts of the products as well as other vital information. The packaging was strategically designed so as to work well with both general and modern trade. Case study: https://issuu.com/vyasgiannetti/docs/babydreams
Role: Graphic Designer | Agency: VGC | Client: J L Morison's Baby Dreams | Category: Packaging Design and point of sale
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