KalaKatta Design Studio is a boutique studio with expertise in branding, design and communication. We are a niche studio and strive to create exclusive work that adds value to a brand’s business through effective design.

To create an identity that is playful and represents creativity and represents the founder’s Indian background.

The name KalaKatta is the merging of two Marathi words, ‘Kala’ meaning art and ‘Katta’ meaning a platform where ideas come together. We took this further and created a version in Indian devanagri script to be used depending on the audience and context. While the logo is predominantly black and white, we used splashes of colors to highlight the creativity and insights we bring to each project. 

We extended the identity to create vibrant and eye catching collaterals, utilizing a bauhaus style, with oversized elements across branded communication. The added pencil graphics from letterform 'A', creates minimal yet impactful design language.

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