Typeface: Arch

Typography as Language: Art, History and Practice | SVA - School of Visual Arts, New York | Summer 2014
The Arch project was taken as an opportunity to create a modern yet traditional style in a typeface. To me, India is in a transitional stage and a perfect example of the modern era with traditional roots. I molded this project keeping in mind a contemporary Indian fashion, which is as glamorous as European styles with Indian elegance. My research started with finding the roots of modernism and traditionalism. I saw the combination of both, modern and traditional characteristics in Mughal Arches. E.g. - High Contrast, Geometric pattern, Classic, and Royal. And it became my inspiration!
Arch is a display typeface, which could appeal across all borders in the fashion industry. It is also suitable for jewelry brands, wedding invitations, certificates etc.
Arch Typeface was very well received by instructors like James Montalbano, Daniel Rhatigan, Tobias Frere-Jones, Jessica Hische and the guest critic - Matthew Carter!​​​​​​​

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